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Dear Black Fathers is committed to empowering black fathers, and their families, through brave conversation, personal development, and building community. Our goal is to empower a generation of fathers, who in turn will empower their families, to work collectively, responsibly, and effectively toward creating safe, sustainable, unified, and prosperous communities.

Only a few decades ago, fathers’ roles were primarily to serve as breadwinners and the conveyers of moral values and religious education to their children. However, with the advent of industrialization and urbanization fathers subsequently became disconnected from the household and their families. Expected to be financial providers and stern disciplinarians above all, generations of fathers found themselves being limited in their roles to be more emotionally supportive and present with their families. Well, those times are long gone.

Dear Black Fathers is helping to usher in a new era and more inclusive narrative of fatherhood. Fathers should not be limited to a short list of parental roles and expectations that has kept them from experiencing all the joys and greatness that comes with being a father.

In essence, the modern day father can contribute to his children’s health and well-being by maintaining a healthy relationship with the Mother; providing emotional and financial support, appropriate monitoring and discipline; and most importantly by maintaining a permanent and loving presence in their lives.

By identifying and removing barriers for black fathers, we will empower a new generation of parents with the knowledge, tools, and means to build strong families, prosperous communities, and creating positive change in the world.

Through our online platform (DearBlackFathers.com) & cultural apparel, we amplify the sacredness of fatherhood by sharing authentic stories from everyday fathers, debunking false narratives, while bringing awareness to the barriers they face. We also engage fathers through transformational workshops and social gatherings that hold space for brave conversations, healing, financial & cultural empowerment, family bonding, and building social capitol.

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