Dear Black Fathers Community Spotlight is where we acknowledge and highlight amazing work done by black fathers, men, and youth that empowers others and creates positive change in the world. 

Dear Black Fathers shines its spotlight on Philadelphia native, youth development expert, community activist, High School coach, and a dedicated father of three beautiful children, Mr. Ameen Akbar


Throughout his career, Ameen has provided direct service to youth, youth-facing practitioners, and youth-serving agencies through support services, professional development, coaching, and organizational culture. Ameen has led organization-wide initiatives that have been transformational to overall culture in his hometown of Philadelphia. He has been able to translate his expertise in restorative practices, trauma-informed care, and youth development to practical, strategic use in schools, organizations, and relationship development. Ameen also dedicates his time as an associate boys basketball coach for Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School, and was recently nominated by the Mayor of Philadelphia to become a school board member of the School District of Philadelphia. Keep evolving and empowering brother Akbar! 


Dear Black Fathers shines its spotlight on seasoned mentor, community leader, recent author, and growing entrepreneur from Birmingham, Alabama Justin M. Sims


Among many other things, Justin has spent many years investing his time and heart into youth mentorship, leadership development, education reform, community development, and speaking across the country about systems and issues negatively impacting black communities.

As of recently, Justin M. Sims has authored and is close to releasing (few weeks) his first book entitled “Young King – Young King.” This is an hashtagaffirmation filled book for hashtagblackboys and hashtagblackmen as well.

Although Justin is not a (biological) father just yet. He is and has been a VILLAGE father for so many of the youth he’s mentored, coached, and inspired along his leadership journey. Salute Brother! ✊🏾 Dear Black Fathers Sees and celebrates your transformational work.


Dear Black Fathers shines its Spotlight on educator and mentor Brandon Washington.


Brandon is a Technology Education Teacher, who enjoys “working with youth and playing a role in empowering the next generation of leaders and professional innovators.”

Among many other things, Brandon is also a multi-property owner, mentor, and a founding member of our Men’s Circle.” We are honored to highlight Brandon’s work and commitment to his family and community.

Dear Black Fathers shines its Spotlight on youth leader and entrepreneur:

Dominic Speech @215_dominic


Dominic Speach) is a proud and involved Muslim father. He is the founder and CEO of Dreams and Opportunities After Mistakes, LLC. His goals are to mentor and empower youth, to decrease violence in our communities, and helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with branding and creating job opportunities for others.
“One thing I enjoy about being a father to my two beautiful daughters is being their Superhero. Whenever they need anything or anyone they can always count on me.

Check out Dominic’s youtube channel here!

Dear Black Fathers shines its Spotlight on author and entrepreneur:

Cedric Wise @thequotepirate

Cedric is a great example of what fatherhood, entrepreneurship, and community leadership should look like.

Cedric is the author of two books entitled “The Becoming” and “88 Keys,” which both are available for purchase on Amazon. Cedric writes stories geared toward helping people of different walks of life understand and accept who they truly are. In his spare time, besides writing uplifting books, Cedric also mentors young men and coaches Basketball at Bucks County Community College.

You can purchase “88 Keys” through amazon here!

You can purchase “The Becoming” through amazon here!


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